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So I totally intended to put up garden photos last night. I'd finished a bunch of errands, had eaten dinner, and was ready to plop in front of the computer, download photos, and get some work done.

No such luck. I turned on my computer, but my monitor only sat there with a blinking green light. So I turned it off, unplugged the monitor, and replugged it in (twice). No luck. So I opened up the computer, unplugged the video card, dusted it, plugged it back in, checked to make sure the fan etc. was luck. Just in case it was a problem with my cable, plugged Jerimiah's monitor into my computer. Nothing.

So apparently, my video card has gone kaput.

Not too stressed out, I took out my laptop. I tried to turn it on. Nothing. NOTHING.

Two computers in one day. Just my luck, huh?
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