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Can't do work at home anymore without a working computer. And I checked, and I don't have an onboard video card on this motherboard, so...bleh. Just for kicks, I dusted the inside of my case and tried the video card again. Nothing. Oh well.

Since I had nothing better to do, I read another Octavia Butler book last night and am now working on another one. But once I finish this next one, there will be no more unread Octavia Butler books in our house =( She writes such lovely stories. My friend Jamie recommended Kindred, so maybe I'll nab that one next.

BUT, my computer stuff is scheduled to arrive tomorrow! I'm so excited! I hope they all install without a hitch. Maybe I'll clean my desk tonight in preparation. Jerimiah always complains that it's so cluttered...and then I tell him I like it like that, just to be a little contrary =P
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