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So, I was thwarted in my quest to get my computer running last night.

Should have known I'd need a new power supply. Also, the new motherboard only supports two drives, and my IDE cable isn't long enough to stretch between my DVD drive and my hard drive. I have a separate CD burner drive and a DVD drive - that was back before they had DVD burners. Looks like DVD burners are pretty cheap now, so I might just nab one of those. Honestly, I hardly ever use my CD burner except to back up paintings. I back up my writing now just by gmailing it to myself.

Went ahead and installed the processor, RAM, and motherboard. It's all pretty and new! Makes my old motherboard look like a dinosaur. Also found some stuff in my computer I forgot I had. Hookup for a dial-up modem, for one.

So that'll clear out some space.

I'm going to visit Fry's tonight and hopefully get it running then.

I need to work on my invitations, backyard layout, and I'm (sadly) sort of stoked to see how Sims 2 runs with my new video card, memory, and processor.

I set up a tasting appointment with a possible caterer for Monday! I'm excited! The food sounds particularly nom-worthy.
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