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They must be so proud!

I mailed off some invitations today. The guy at the post office asked me if they were for graduation. I told him I was getting married, and he said, "Your parents must be so proud!"

Sort of verbally stammered for a couple seconds before replying, "It's not exactly an accomplishment."

He went on to talk about how happy my parents must be, and how they would be gleaming on my wedding day.

My mom tells me that I need to get my sleep so I can be a "glowing bride" and also to "fatten up for my wedding dress" (was a bit loose last time I tried it on). LULZ!

I was doing the calligraphy for the envelope addresses, and Kaleb told Jerimiah, "Isn't she going a little overboard on the invitations?" I had the sad duty of telling him that mine were rather simple, and a lot of people pay others to do the addressing for them.

Quails are 1 week old today and entering scruffy adolescent phase!
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