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...and then there were 23

We HAD 24 quails until last night.

One of our boys mysteriously died while we were out playing poker. At first I thought maybe they'd gotten aggressive and one had killed another, but there wasn't a mark on him. It's possible he bonked himself on the top of the cage, but it's a soft wire mesh, so he would have had to REALLY bonked himself.

Really strange.

But I used the opportunity to practice my processing skills. The quail looks just like a miniature chicken underneath all those feathers! It was really a shame, because now we're short one quail for my mom's bday dinner this weekend. Plus, this guy was one of the larger ones, and he had a good amount of meat on him.

Since I really had no idea how he died, I left the guts in and gave the quail to Zorro.

He very kindly left half of it for me on the doorstep this morning.
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