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The Sims 3

Honestly, I haven't played it that much. Sooo crazy-busy. I wish I had more free time though!

So far, it is AWESOME.

Many more customization options. Like that dress but don't like the color/pattern? Change it! For example, I liked a white evening dress. It had four parts to it. I was able to choose a color/pattern for each of the four parts. Color is fully customizeable through a color wheel. You can do the same thing for furniture.

The traits are hilarious. You get to pick five. I wanted a kickass sim with a bit of loopiness thrown in for good measure. I picked out "Genius" "Good Sense of Humor" "Family Oriented" "Great Kisser" and "Easily Impressed".

Other available traits include "Evil" "Inappropriate" "Hates Kids" "Artistic" "Computer Whiz" "Loves the Outdoors" "Hotheaded" "Insane" "Kleptomaniac" "Green Thumb" "Vegeterian" etc. etc. etc. There are some hidden traits you can discover later, such as "Pyromaniac".

Gameplay highlights so far:
-My sim clapping her hands before she eats spaghetti, her favorite food
-My sim clapping and cheering at a child on a swingset ("Easily Impressed")
-My sim waving down this guy she barely knows and running to greet him - in the upper left it says "Soren thinks Emma is being creepy"
-Compliments ALWAYS being misinterpreted by flirty sims
-I went into my boss's house and started making hot dogs from their refrigerator (long story, still figuring out how things work…). Her and her husband got all confused and uncomfortable. Upper left - "Morgan thinks Emma is being inappropriate" Hahahahahahahahahaha!
-The seamless neighborhood is kickass
-gossiping gets you actual info about your neighbors
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