The Sims 3

Honestly, I haven't played it that much. Sooo crazy-busy. I wish I had more free time though!

So far, it is AWESOME.

Many more customization options. Like that dress but don't like the color/pattern? Change it! For example, I liked a white evening dress. It had four parts to it. I was able to choose a color/pattern for each of the four parts. Color is fully customizeable through a color wheel. You can do the same thing for furniture.

The traits are hilarious. You get to pick five. I wanted a kickass sim with a bit of loopiness thrown in for good measure. I picked out "Genius" "Good Sense of Humor" "Family Oriented" "Great Kisser" and "Easily Impressed".

Other available traits include "Evil" "Inappropriate" "Hates Kids" "Artistic" "Computer Whiz" "Loves the Outdoors" "Hotheaded" "Insane" "Kleptomaniac" "Green Thumb" "Vegeterian" etc. etc. etc. There are some hidden traits you can discover later, such as "Pyromaniac".

Gameplay highlights so far:
-My sim clapping her hands before she eats spaghetti, her favorite food
-My sim clapping and cheering at a child on a swingset ("Easily Impressed")
-My sim waving down this guy she barely knows and running to greet him - in the upper left it says "Soren thinks Emma is being creepy"
-Compliments ALWAYS being misinterpreted by flirty sims
-I went into my boss's house and started making hot dogs from their refrigerator (long story, still figuring out how things work…). Her and her husband got all confused and uncomfortable. Upper left - "Morgan thinks Emma is being inappropriate" Hahahahahahahahahaha!
-The seamless neighborhood is kickass
-gossiping gets you actual info about your neighbors
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Temptation 3...until...after...honeymoon!

Is it weird that the thing I want to do most is make a couple get married, have the wife cheat with someone of a totally different ethnicity, and then see if the husband notices when the baby looks nothing like him?

I played out this scenario multiple times on Sims 2. No dice. Hubby was all "Yay! A baby!" Yeesh.

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We've been doing some back and forth with the 3 adult males we have left. I did some more reading on males and crowing, and we plopped the biggest one back outside with the eight girls.


So I tried putting another one of the males outside.

As soon as I put him down, he began to frantically mate with as many females as he could get to, all the while crowing up a storm. The other guy got wind of this REAL quick, ran over to the interloper, and dragged him off of one of the ladies. They then began an epic fight, interrupted sporadically by the new male attempting to get some more lovin's.


So, we hypothesized that maybe the big guy was already territorial over all his ladies, and we would try switching him out for the two smaller guys who had been cohabiting in the garage.

We did that. It was quiet. BUT, I went to check on them 30 minutes later, and both males were practically crawling up the sides of the hutch in their attempts to get out. It was then that I observed the largest female (she is massive!) attacking them! She was actually chasing them down and pecking at their heads, all the while peeping angrily. I've nicknamed her Godzilla. She's got thick legs, a wide girth, and an attitude.

The two males are back in the garage, and the big guy is back with his girls. He's the only one who can stand up to Godzilla.

P.S. If you want to see the quail dinner we had, I posted pics in my sustainability blog! Yum! We're getting eggs regularly now too.
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...and then there were 23

We HAD 24 quails until last night.

One of our boys mysteriously died while we were out playing poker. At first I thought maybe they'd gotten aggressive and one had killed another, but there wasn't a mark on him. It's possible he bonked himself on the top of the cage, but it's a soft wire mesh, so he would have had to REALLY bonked himself.

Really strange.

But I used the opportunity to practice my processing skills. The quail looks just like a miniature chicken underneath all those feathers! It was really a shame, because now we're short one quail for my mom's bday dinner this weekend. Plus, this guy was one of the larger ones, and he had a good amount of meat on him.

Since I really had no idea how he died, I left the guts in and gave the quail to Zorro.

He very kindly left half of it for me on the doorstep this morning.
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Delta Airlines = suckage

Don't use them unless you want to have $0 available credit on your card, no flight booked, and spend hours on the phone getting transferred so you have to explain your story all over again...only to have everyone tell you that they can't help you even though it's the fault of their effed up website.

At this point I am willing to pay $60 more just to NOT use them. Of course, wait, I can't book with someone else because of Delta's stupid-@$$ pending charges.

I am never EVER going to attempt booking with them again. This has been such a distasteful experience.
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OMG Tired

Working on drawings for the quail hutch plans. Had some before, but they sort of got trampled, ripped up, and written all over during the process.

Going to do homemade deoderant too. I found a few recipes online - I think I'm going to take a little of something from one and a little of something from another and see how it works for me.

Jerimiah and I are considering brewing our own sake as well. We love sake, and it sounds like it could be fun! I think this will be my latest obsession.

Jerimiah made amazing vegetarian chili over the weekend. I could eat it all day long. He was on a roll - also made a delectable Gazpacho soup.

Have to do some PYP books stuff tonight. If I can squeeze it in, I also have to get materials together and start submitting my book again. I revised the ending for a hopefully more satisfying climax.

Busy at work. Quails are bigger - going into the hutch on Thursday. New hatch starting Friday. Tomatoes are doing great, especially Green Zebra. Planting them in the ground this weekend! Still conditioning our garden and picking the rocks out of it.

Jerimiah got the scooter running this weekend as well. We took a ride on it to the grocery store. I love it! I need to get a full-face helmet though. There are a lot of bugs around at dusk.
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They must be so proud!

I mailed off some invitations today. The guy at the post office asked me if they were for graduation. I told him I was getting married, and he said, "Your parents must be so proud!"

Sort of verbally stammered for a couple seconds before replying, "It's not exactly an accomplishment."

He went on to talk about how happy my parents must be, and how they would be gleaming on my wedding day.

My mom tells me that I need to get my sleep so I can be a "glowing bride" and also to "fatten up for my wedding dress" (was a bit loose last time I tried it on). LULZ!

I was doing the calligraphy for the envelope addresses, and Kaleb told Jerimiah, "Isn't she going a little overboard on the invitations?" I had the sad duty of telling him that mine were rather simple, and a lot of people pay others to do the addressing for them.

Quails are 1 week old today and entering scruffy adolescent phase!
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Jerimiah and I have been totally stoked about this quail thing. We've been sitting around watching the chicks and talking about how amazing it is that they hatched from those itty bitty eggs that were just yolk and egg white two weeks ago.

We're going to order some more and do it again! ASAP! w00t!

Posted more chick photos to my blog, btw. THEY ARE SO CUTE. I woke up this morning and they were running around and eating everything.
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