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It's pretty, oh so pretty!

So after much hullabaloo, I got my computer up and running yesterday. I pretty much went ahead and replaced everything. I got a new hard drive (I'll keep the old one for backup/storage), new DVD burner, etc.

Everything is so PRETTY when I open up my case. It's all in bright colors, everything seems to be labeled nowadays, and it all fits very nicely.

I'm installing the Windows 7 beta so I can give it a whirl and so I can install my full 4GB of RAM.

Now I have all these clunky old parts that I don't need. Most of them still work, but they are sooooo outdated (a modem card, whaaa?). What am I supposed to do with all of them? If worse comes to worst I'll just give them to Kaleb and he can break them apart and use them for his time machine.

Can't wait to see how sims 2 runs! Also...I can finally use Painter without it being uber uber slow!
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