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OMG Tired

Working on drawings for the quail hutch plans. Had some before, but they sort of got trampled, ripped up, and written all over during the process.

Going to do homemade deoderant too. I found a few recipes online - I think I'm going to take a little of something from one and a little of something from another and see how it works for me.

Jerimiah and I are considering brewing our own sake as well. We love sake, and it sounds like it could be fun! I think this will be my latest obsession.

Jerimiah made amazing vegetarian chili over the weekend. I could eat it all day long. He was on a roll - also made a delectable Gazpacho soup.

Have to do some PYP books stuff tonight. If I can squeeze it in, I also have to get materials together and start submitting my book again. I revised the ending for a hopefully more satisfying climax.

Busy at work. Quails are bigger - going into the hutch on Thursday. New hatch starting Friday. Tomatoes are doing great, especially Green Zebra. Planting them in the ground this weekend! Still conditioning our garden and picking the rocks out of it.

Jerimiah got the scooter running this weekend as well. We took a ride on it to the grocery store. I love it! I need to get a full-face helmet though. There are a lot of bugs around at dusk.
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