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We've been doing some back and forth with the 3 adult males we have left. I did some more reading on males and crowing, and we plopped the biggest one back outside with the eight girls.


So I tried putting another one of the males outside.

As soon as I put him down, he began to frantically mate with as many females as he could get to, all the while crowing up a storm. The other guy got wind of this REAL quick, ran over to the interloper, and dragged him off of one of the ladies. They then began an epic fight, interrupted sporadically by the new male attempting to get some more lovin's.


So, we hypothesized that maybe the big guy was already territorial over all his ladies, and we would try switching him out for the two smaller guys who had been cohabiting in the garage.

We did that. It was quiet. BUT, I went to check on them 30 minutes later, and both males were practically crawling up the sides of the hutch in their attempts to get out. It was then that I observed the largest female (she is massive!) attacking them! She was actually chasing them down and pecking at their heads, all the while peeping angrily. I've nicknamed her Godzilla. She's got thick legs, a wide girth, and an attitude.

The two males are back in the garage, and the big guy is back with his girls. He's the only one who can stand up to Godzilla.

P.S. If you want to see the quail dinner we had, I posted pics in my sustainability blog! Yum! We're getting eggs regularly now too.
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